Unfolded. The School of Harmony™

Explore, practice & master the art of present-moment awareness, meditation, and emotional wellness supported by classes, tools, and resources for personal mastery to bring more inner peace, joy and mindfulness into your everyday life.

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    Peppa Georgieff

    Your Teacher & Coach inside the Unfolded Membership Experience

    My Mission?

    Using the ancient wisdom of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to help you explore, practice, and master the 5 key markers of well-being–

    • Body
    • Language (how we show up, including self-expression)
    • Intuition
    • Self (how we see ourselves )
    • Spirit of life

    What's Inside?

    • Free Access to the Unfolded LIVE Experiences hosted each quarter inside the Unfolded community
    • Access to the Unfolded Teachings – live or pre-recorded classes & workshops, or course-like experiences (delivered monthly or quarterly to the School members area)
    • The Unfolded Library with Tools and Resources for personal mastery supporting the Unfolded Teachings and LIVE Experiences
    • Accountability & Implementation Support: Use the Unfolded Monthly “Activate Joy“ Theme Calendar with guided activity plan to deepen your practice and personal mastery – for each day of a specific Unfolded Theme of the month.
    • The Unfolded Community – a private, dedicated community space for connection, feedback, and LIVE interaction.